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Germany isn’t the big bad boss of Europe
The idea that the country has an iron grip over southern European economies is too often used as a convenient excuse for others not getting their house in order, 5 February 2015

Federalism works in Germany but may not in Britain
A federal system needs a strong bond to hold individual elements together. Postwar Germany had that; it’s doubtful the UK does, 22 September 2014

Germany – winning with no leaders
Germany has no interest in emulating its football triumph on the political stage. It realises that the world needs more teamwork
The Guardian, 15 July 2014

The German election results will burst Britain’s Eurosceptic bubble
The UK media can say what they like, but Angela Merkel will not move her country an inch from its place at the heart of the EU, 7 September 2013

Berlin’s housing bubble and the backlash against hipster tourists
Skyrocketing housing costs in Berlin can’t be blamed on an influx of ‘foreigners’, but are in fact fuelled by the global financial crisis, 18 September 2012, part of the Germany: the accidental empire series

Why Germans love the enigmatic Angela Merkel
The German chancellor’s private personality and cautious economics have led to astonishingly high approval ratings, 15 August 2012

German aversion to the ECB printing money isn’t about the ‘national psyche’

To understand German fiscal policy, it is necessary to look beyond the cod psychology about a fear of 1920s hyperinflation., 22 December 2011

‘Germany has a long comical tradition’
Comedy is possibly the last thing we associate with Germany – but a Frankfurt museum dedicated to humorous art hopes to put the record straight., 7 October 2008

From Turkish chavs to gay Star Trek
Germany’s most popular comedy shows.
The Guardian, 23 May 2006, part of What’s our problem with Germany G2 supplement