“Der deutschen Jugend!”
The Newspaper Tempo and the Generational Discourse of the Weimar Republic

in: Beyond Glitter and Doom. The Contingency of the Weimar Republic, ed. by Jochen Hung, Godela Weiss-Sussex, Geoff Wilkes,  (Munich: iudicium, 2012), pp. 105-18.

In the historiography of the Weimar Republic, the concept of ‘generations’ has often been drawn upon to explain the anti-democratic and reactionary attitude of the youth and its role in the demise of the first German democracy. Using the example of the newspaper Tempo, published 1928–33 with a decidedly generational focus, this chapter aims to show that the contemporary debate about youth and generations also had a strong pro-democratic and liberal current that has often been ignored by historians. Read the rest of this entry »