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The Weimar Years

A radio essay for the BBC about the history of the Weimar Republic and the way the period is remembered today.

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‘Babylon Berlin’ and the myth of the Weimar Republic

Flapper girls and Nazi stormtroopers, prostitutes and proletarians, jazz troupes and jackboots — when the German hit series “Babylon Berlin” arrived on U.S. Netflix in January, so did all these Weimar-era stereotypes. The producers celebrate the show’s educational values, characterizing 1920s Berlin as a “metropolis in turmoil” and as a place in which “growing poverty and unemployment stand in stark contrast to the excesses and indulgence of the city’s night life and its overflowing creative energy.” Read the rest of this entry »


Germany isn’t the big bad boss of Europe

The idea that the country has an iron grip over southern European economies is too often used as a convenient excuse for others not getting their house in order Read the rest of this entry »


Federalism works in Germany but may not in Britain

A federal system needs a strong bond to hold individual elements together. Postwar Germany had that; it’s doubtful the UK does

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world cup

Germany – winning with no leaders

Germany has no interest in emulating its football triumph on the political stage. It realises that the world needs more teamwork

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The German election results will burst Britain’s Eurosceptic bubble

The UK media can say what they like, but Angela Merkel will not move her country an inch from its place at the heart of the EU Read the rest of this entry »



Englands Hochschulen laufen Studenten davon  

Im fünften Jahr der Finanzkrise- und Wirtschaftskrise zeigt sich: Staatliche Kürzungen an Hochschulen lassen sich nur bis zu einem gewissen Grad über Studiengebühren kompensieren. An britischen Universitäten ist nach der Erhöhung der Studienbeiträge im vergangenen Jahr die Zahl der Erstsemester um 7,7 Prozent gesunken. Kreist über den Hochschulen jetzt der Pleitegeier?   Read the rest of this entry »